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The State University of New York Potsdam TRAVEL REQUISITION Name Title Travel from Potsdam to on Return to Potsdam on Date/Time Date/Time Purpose of travel TRAVEL EXPENSES Account to be Charged: Expenses:
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hello educators and welcome to this Google Forms training about an add-on called forms approval this all started with a challenge I was challenged to help a principal create a form that she could approve or not approve to allow teachers to leave early whenever the bell rang and so we created that form today and I'm gonna show you how I did it to get started the first thing we're gonna have to do is add the add-on to do that we're gonna click on the ellipsis and go down to add on and the add-on we're looking for is Form approval and it's by Robert Gagliano I'm gonna click on free and then we're gonna give it permission to be able to do what it needs to do and that is all these different things once that happens it's gonna notify you that it's been added to the form and then we can configure it so we're gonna click on form approvals configure workflow it has all kinds of different settings and customizations so that way you can really go through there and figure out exactly what you want and customize it to get started today we're gonna select add a static approver and we're gonna enter my email address what's nice about this is you can set it up and someone else can be the person who actually does the approval process the next thing we're gonna do is go to settings and so there's all these different settings and if you're not sure what they are you can actually look at the little question mark these two grayed out once these are settings that are there working on them right now so hopefully we'll be able to see those launched in the future and I'm excited about it especially this one record approvals in a spreadsheet that's going to be awesome for documenting things this information these approvals okay so we are going to allow approvers to comment we're gonna click on save then we're gonna go over to notifications and then we're just gonna add leave early request you can notify the approvers we want that to happen you can notify the other others so this is where you can add in an assistant principal the school secretary I'm someone else that needs to be notified that this has been approved and you can also add text to the approval emails but we're not going to worry about that right now we're just gonna click on save all right so let's go test this out okay so I have this form almost completely filled out and I'm the teacher filling this out right now and Whirley is gonna cover my duty so this has been submitted my teacher is completed the request and now I'm gonna go over to my email and here is the request so this is the printable receiving the requests are gonna click on the email and they're gonna see that this person has asked because and this is additional details today that they have duty and Whirley is completing it so they can click on approve decline or comment if they click on comment they can add something to it so like...